Practical considerations in designing your logo


The right combination of logo design colors, font texture, patterns, and images usually result in a good logo design. You have to remember though, that your logo is not a standalone symbol. It is always works with various elements of your brand such as your communication materials, your corporate attitude and of course the quality of your service or product.

You have to make sure that your logo will be able to blend well with your other collateral materials. Here are some of the things you might want to look at:

1. Your company logo should be scalable. It should work well in different media like digital and print materials. Consider its appearance in your brochure design, signage, training materials, giveaways, packaging, merchandise, flyer design, and website. Make sure you get vector logo files when you get your logo created. Your printers and sign makers would be looking for EPS logo files. Logos created in Photoshop would have scalability issues.
2. Your logo should be original. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or if you’re just starting up. Avoid using templates for your logo and business cards. There are many free logo design service programs you can find online but all they do is give your a design generated from a clip art that 100s of other company might use. This won’t help you stand out and cut through the clutter and of course don’t forget the potential copyright issues.
3. Your logo should work well in black and white. Before adding any color to your logo, make sure it looks good in black and white. A good logo design company would offer to show the clients a black and white version of the initial design concepts along with color versions. Another point to remember is that having too many colors in your logo would make it difficult to reproduce in different media. (How to select the right logo design company)
4. Mind your images. Visuals can be culturally sensitive so do your research extensively to ensure its appropriateness to your target customers. This is particularly important for businesses targeting different geographic locations.
4. Remember, getting a good logo design for your company is not an expense. It is an investment. Far too many times, startups do not mind spending money on fancy office furniture or a startup party etc. When it comes to investing in a good logo design, usually, most people try to find the cheapest option around. Find out what is sacrificed in a cheap logo design.

These are some of the basic considerations if you want to develop a compelling logo design.