Client Details

Client: Young Fly & Reckless Street Wear

Location: New York, NY

Challenge: YFR strives to create street urban wear that aligns with the lifestyle, values and free spirit of the hip hop generation and draws inspiration from a different lifestyle or cultural influence such as graffiti, skateboarding, tattooing and even Moto cross racing.

When YFR came to SpellBrand, they wanted an emblem like brand that combined heritage, free spirit and raw power. We worked with YFR to understand the target market, build buyer personas so that the branding and marketing can be tailored and came up with a brand story that resonates with their followers and evangelists.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Label Design, Brand Strategy

The design solution was simplistic yet complex looking heraldic emblem with a shield with the brand initials as the central focus flanked on either side by eagle wings. The name is written on a very organic scroll that looks like it is waving around in the wind. This was an attempt at connecting medical chivalry with urban hip hop.Creating a brand that would stand out in the crowded market of the urban street wear and hip hop landscape can be quite a challenge. It may appear that all valid and interesting brand stories have been taken. But if you dig deep and understand your target audience and try and build a tribe rather than sell your apparel, you will get the right ideas and you can create a clothing brand that would be wildly successful.

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