Woodward Church of Christ Logo Design

Client: Woodward Church of Christ

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Woodward, Oklahoma

Design Analysis: Woodward Church of Christ is a Bible centered church with members of every age range striving to take the message of Jesus to the world through worship, education in the Bible for all ages, mission work around the globe, outreach to our community, and fellowship as the family of God.

This church has been in Woodward for decades so there is a great history there. The client also sees the new branding as a “re-energizing” time. They are proud of the fact that they have all ages included in their community and they are very involved. Woodward is a cattle and oil town—people are very resilent, “down to earth” sort of folks. Yet Woodward also is a modern place with all the technology you might find in a larger city — with a college, and some pretty high tech industry. The people could best be described as “salt of the earth”. “hometown, heavenbound, down to earth, family oriented, and world focused.”

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