Brand Story

Brand Story: WhiskyPapa is a whisky enthusiast website that needed a strong and compelling brand and a stunning website catering to whisky reviews, events and stories. Run by an enthusiast, Whiskypapa was slated to take over the world of whisky with passion. Whisky reviews, product launches, events such as WhiskyLive, a directory of all the distilleries in the UK and more.

Brand Solution: Since the whisky arena is fairly well branded and is dominated by well established brands, personalities, magazines and blogs, it was quite a challenge to create a brand that would stand apart and still connect with single minded and discerning audience of that segment.We created a logo design that focused on the initials “W” and “P” and used a wreath of leaves to give it a regal crest like look which result in a premium look and feel. The website design was well thought through and provides a great way to showcase reviews and articles.

Brand Solution

Brand Solution: We had worked with many Chinese brands in the past but never an educational institution. So when AAA approached us to help them create a stunning new logo design, we jumped at the opportunity.

The logo design we created incorporates the tree of knowledge blooming rich with leaves and the trunk of the tree is a child with outstretched arms, jumping with joy and reaching out for a lone star. These visuals incorporated the core message of the AAA institution which included the transmission of knowledge to children in a fun learning environment, building core skills and enabling the children to set and reach their goals.

The icon looks simple yet striking and connects with the company’s philosophy and the world view of their target audience.

What we did

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Stationery Design

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