WhiskTV Branding

WhiskTV is a website that features restaurants with dynamic videos that showcases the food, the atmosphere and the staff to help you choose the right place to go out and eat. WhiskTV will also features cooking tips, kitchen gadgets, food blogs and reviews. The approached Spellbrand to help create a fun and whimsical logo design and branding that would work well in both the American as well as the European market.


WhiskTV, Canada

What we did

Logo Design, Brand Identity

Brand Solution: Spellbrand created a fun and modern looking logo design and matching stationery design to go with it. We started with a core sphere with the brand name inside and a smaller sphere on top to indicate media and television. We then took the humble whisk and wrapped it around the main sphere, creating a fun and eclectic design. You can see client’s site at whisktv.com.
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