Wedding Photographer Branding


Wedding photography business is highly competitive and deals with a service that is fraught with perils. You are taking photos of the most important event in a couple’s life and hence carry with you a measure of responsibility that goes beyond just a business transaction. Since the event takes place only once – hopefully – if you do not do a good job, you could end up turning a happy event into some thing the couple would get hurt over.

So, in essence, a wedding photographer is a professional. And any professional requires a professional image and branding to go with it. To garner the trust of potential clients who are looking for some one they could trust with their wedding photos, you need to demonstrate your professional with great logo design. Of course, your skill as a photographer and your past work would be the main selling tools but the right logo and branding would go a long way in making that crucial connection.

Today I present a case study of branding we did for a wedding photography business and take you through the process of how we created the wedding photography logo design.


The client wanted us to focus on incorporating U11 into the logo design to anchor their brand story to the historic location of their studio and hence create a bond with the local community. We researched the Canadian wedding photography studio market and realized that most of them had very ornate and old fashioned logos and branding. While this is not to say such branding is bad, for this client, it meant that they would have to buck that trend to stand out from the competition and create brand recall.

We started off with researching the local competition to get an understanding of how these businesses were communicating with the market. We realized why the client did not want to go the traditional imagery route as we witnessed logo upon logo that looked all frilly and dated. They were some ones, to be fair but they all looked the same. The message looked the same.

We also worked hard to identify the ideal couple whom they wanted to target. At at the end of the exercise, we knew the exact kind of people the client wanted to attract to their business. We even had names for the couple and understand what they loved or hated, where they hung out, what kind of movies they watched and even where they preferred to vacation.

This insight helped us tremendously not only in terms of the logo design but also for creating other brand elements. After several brainstorming sessions (you can read about the process of creating a photography logo design), we showed the client several different concepts that included designs of the acronym (U11) as well as some with images related to photography and weddings (rings, flowers etc).

The client immediately selected the design that you see on this page and after a couple of rounds of revisions, we had a winner.


Once the logo design was completed, we set to work creating an elegant stationery design, business cards and a watermark that they could use on photographs that they showcased on their beautiful new website. Working with a business that is in the wedding industry can be tough since you will meet an overload of elegance and to create visual brand elements that stand out from all the other elegance could be challenging.

With that in mind, we created a series of logo designs that focused on the U11 text treatment with simple and professional font styles. The client immediately picked the design you see on this page and after a few tweaks we had a professional, simple, elegant and iconic logo design. We then moved on to creating the business card design, water mark and more.

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