Wearable Technology Fashion Logo Design

Client: Wearable Technology Fashion Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Van Der Waals is an engineering company working in the advanced technology industries sector and specializing in creating inventions that bridge wearable technology and fashion. Inspired by their families that technology should also be simple, elegant, and touching, their apply their knowledge in creating products, bags, which relate fashion and technology in such a way that ensures wearability and functionality for daily use. They especially focus on the self-expression, communication, and safety, and incorporate wearable technology with these elements into the bags to add an extra flavor to our products.

Their mission is to fit the right technology into wearable fashion that is actually stylish and match the user’s personality and make life more exciting. They are redefining how technology can incorporate into people’s daily life in a simple and elegant way.

To help this brand express their vision and the fact that technology meets fashion meets luxury we created an crest based emblem logo design that simply looks stunning. In the logo icon one can see a shield enclosing a gadget – perhaps a tablet or a phone. On the top is a little abstract crown and the shield is flanked by swirls that bring elegance to this brand identity.

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