UK Property development logo design

The property development sector in the UK is seeing a surge with the upward movement of house prices. To reflect this new era, Grandlane Developments decided to get a brand that is worthy of the kind of bespoke development work they undertake for their clients. After some research and brainstorming, we came up with several different concepts that played on the heritage and premium aspects of the client.

Grandlane is a privately owned Property Development Company operating in the premium private sector residential market, specifically in London, but also in the Home Counties. These locations currently include Surrey & Hampshire. Check out the client website.

In one of the concepts, we created a knight and dragon crest that had the impressive heraldic look and feel. Majestic and super premium was the idea behind this design along with the trust factor and “established” feel you get with heraldic crests. In yet another, we tried to show the power of a knight and his horse. In mythology, the knight’s horse is sometimes considered more powerful and magical than the knight and in fact, he draws his strength from it. The shield represents trust and security and safety. The idea is to create an icon that can be used effectively in branding.The logo concept the client fell in love with and decided to move forward with is the one you see on this page. We brought together all the elements of the kind of attributes that the client stood for – a shield (trust and tradition), a crown (regal and elite) and two medieval looking keys crossed in the center of the shield.

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