UK Accountancy Logo Design

Client: Aspinall Accountancy Limited

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

Design Analysis: The world of Chartered Accountants spans a wide area. At one end are accountants, generally in small accounting practices, who pull together company accounts and tax returns. At the other are the Big Four accounting firms that provide more advisory focussed services, alongside their audit practices. Aspinall’s founder Matt Aspinall who is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant and who trained with Deloitte’s, one of the Big 4, and subsequently worked at KPMG, another of the Big 4.

The client wanted an old fashioned logo design using basic shapes and colors so that his brand could have clarity and connect well with their target audience who are also old fashioned and conservative and believe in simple and non-confusing brand elements. To attain this goal, we chose the most basic of shapes – a triangle – which is striated to show bar charts and upward trend arrow. We also a dark red and pale green colour combo to make the logo stand out.

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