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Tyler Hinz Law Firm is a dedicated estate planning attorney, focusing on helping clients make the best legal decisions for their family both now and throughout their future…

…and then having that peace of mind of knowing that someone is here for them when something happens. Tyler’s brand essence is that by taking the client through their process they can shatter their notions of what an attorney is.

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Tyler Hinz Law Firm Logo Design & Branding
law firm branding

Most estate planning attorneys push clients into a plan, provide them with the documents for their plan, and then they’ll never hear from their attorney again. Should they ever attempt to reach out to their attorney about their plan or they just have a general question about the law, their attorney can’t be reached or they charge them some outlandish fee for a ten-minute conversation.

Tyler wanted to create a brand that would transcend all this and disrupt the estate planning landscape. For this Tyler came to SpellBrand to help create a logo design and brand identity that set his firm apart from the competition.

To create a differentiation right off the bat, we decided to take an iconic approach that stayed away from the cliches of the attorney firm branding world. We decided to adopt an iconic animal to represent the brand and communicate the differentiation. While we considered a number of animals that would fit the profile, the rhino stood out amongst them since it not only embodied the steadfast nature of the client’s business philosophy but it was also their favorite animal.

We then combined the rhino icon with an element from the law firm world – the greek columns – to represent strength which reinforces the strength of the rhino. By placing the rhino on the column – as if on a pedestal, we showcase the attributes of the brand that set it apart.

We chose a demure and professional color palette and a very subtle but exciting font treatment which was slightly customized to fit well with the brand message. The stationery design also followed the rules of communication set down by the brand mark. The logo uses a pale color palette when it sits on the darker complementary colors which make it pop out.