Turkey Information Systems Logo Design

Turkey Information Systems Logo Design

Client: Turkey Information Systems Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design, Stationery Design

Client Location: Istanbul, Turkey

The company name in Turkish is “MİHMAN” with i or İ (mihman or MİHMAN or Mihman), and its mean is “quest” in English. “BİLGİ SİSTEMLERİ” or “bilgi sistemleri” meaning “information systems” in English.

The company is new and is established by supporting the Turkish government with information technology, embedded systems, medical devices, intelligent transport systems. They produce and design medical devices like Holter, physiotherapy devices, traction devices, patient monitoring system also their embedded and desktop software.

The client produces and designs intelligent transport systems like speed detection system using GMR sensor, loop detector, driver assistance system also their embedded and desktop software. They carry out projects with universities and the government.

We created a fun and modern looking logo design since most of the competition had dated and stuffy looking logos. We created a pyramid-shaped icon with 3 components to represent information systems, intelligent and consulting.

The three components of the logo design can then be used for branding the various divisions of the company including sections on the website and marketing materials.

If your target audience is the government sector then the temptation would be to go for a conservative design – possibly just text based logos. But with some careful thought and brand strategy in place, you can create a logo that is outside the box and create a unique perspective. Do not be afraid of expressing your brand essence. Push the envelope. It is better to be unique and create brand recall than being boring and “conforming”.

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