Tea Brand Packaging

Tea Brand Packaging

Wild Kingdom’s mission is to benefit the planet, by providing high quality East African speciality teas and from the sales of which make a contribution to organizations dedicated to preserving endangered wildlife. Wild Kingdom Tea brand is a division of Sondhi Trading Limited (STL), a company registered in Kenya mainly exporting Kenya coffee and East African teas.

When Wild Kingdom came to SpellBrand to help them with their branding, I was quite excited since I had actually spent a lot of my childhood in East Africa with my parents and used to visit Kenya quite frequently. This brought back some very good memories. The client’s mission statement and core values also delighted me.


Wild Kingdom tea

What we did

Logo Design, Brand Identity

Brand Solution: During the discovery phase, we understood that the main idea of the brand was wildness and freedom. The client gives a percentage of their sales to some wildlife conservancy. They promote Africa, tea and wild animals such as rhino, gorillas and elephants. So we decided to focus on creating an icon that would incorporate one of these animals and a reference to tea in a clever and creative way. For the text treatment, we decided to use a fun and some what unstable looking font for the word “Wild” and a professional modern font for the words “Kingdom Tea”.

In the initial design concepts, we presented the client with several concepts with different animals and they chose the one with the rhino. We blended the silhouette of a rhino with a cup of tea and wisps of smoke.

We also designed a tea foil bag package design with some subtle branding and colors. The foil bag has a very simple yet very effective package design with a giraffe side profile and neck with the brand logo. This tea package can then be used for different campaigns by a subtle change to the background color and the animal in the profile. The combinations and permutations are endless.

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