Streetwear Lifestyle Brand Logo Design

SWEAT is a streetwear/lifestyle brand. Although the primary focus would be apparel and clothing, the brand also wants to get into jewelry, jackets, bags, and hats.

SWEAT is an acronym that stands for “Say What Everyone’s Afraid To”. The attitude and message of the brand is very clear and since the client liked very clean, sophisticated, and edgy designs, we came up with an awesome icon that is super simple but effective and elegant. The logo has the word SWEAT with the letter S customized to be an icon. A simple bead of sweat at the end of the letter S anchors the word and creates a memorable icon.

As you can see on the t-shirt the icon makes for a great design on apparel and as a stand alone icon for other branding situations.

Client: Streetwear Lifestyle Brand Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design, Brand Identity

Client Location: London, UK

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