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St. Cloud Middle School Logo Design & Mascot
middle school logo design
middle school basketball court branding

St. Cloud Middle School strives to be a collaborative group of learners with student achievement being their #1 priority and where all stakeholders show respect, care deeply, make wise choices, and strive for success. After years of getting along with the lack of a strong brand identity, The School District of Osceola County (SDOC) came to SpellBrand to help them create a powerful mascot logo design to represent their middle school and their sports team, The Mustangs!

You can see the old logo to the left and the powerful and stunning new mascot logo design that we created for St. Cloud Middle School and the different versions of the secondary icon!

We created an iconic emblem of the Mustang with a side profile of the bust and created a powerful color palette to take the middle school branding to the next level. The new logo has now been updated on the school’s Facebook page and the official school website.

Middle School Address: 1975 Michigan Avenue, Saint Cloud, FL 34769

Number of students: 1,379 (as of February 2019)

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