Specialty Hot Sauces Logo Design

Strategy - Logo Design - Brand Pattern

Manofuel grows organic hot peppers and uses them to create bottled hot sauces & marinades. Founded by Mario Fiel, Manofuel is set to become one of most popular hot sauces to take over the American market.

This hot sauce story really starts back in late 1950’s as several of Mario’s cousins left Portugal to live in Lourenco Marques, Mozambique.  After the country gained its independence, the city was renamed to Maputo.  Mozambique – along with Angola and Goa – had previously been Portuguese colonies.

Mario’s cousins soon started sending him Piri Piri peppers and homemade, artisan hot sauce. The sauce was very rustic and was created by using a pumice stone to grind the peppers, adding  garlic, vinegar, oil and spices.  This mix, more of a paste than a sauce, was immediately rubbed on most meats and fish.


Mario Fiel

His cousins moved back to Portugal in the late 1980’s and one actually migrated to the US and still currently lives in the village of Sleepy Hollow, NY.  Since the Piri Piri peppers were not always available, Mario’s family started developing their own homemade hot sauce based on variations of the original.

Today at Manofuel they still stand by the same standards Mario’s family has employed for generations. All Manofuel artisan hot sauces, pastes, marinades and rubs will always be handcrafted to the highest standards and will always include home grown peppers.

Challenge: To bring this brand to life, SpellBrand was tasked to create a logo design and brand pattern that would align the brand along with other competitors in the market and still set it apart. This was a tough proposition but we were up to the challenge.

Result:  Is a logo design that instantly brings to mind hot sauces and still is unique and has a personality.

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