Spanish Tapas Bistro Restaurant

el Mar de la Tranquilitat restaurant is a Spanish Tapas Bistro Restaurant located on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain - in the “old town” area which is being restored and revamped by the local government.


Typically Tapas restaurants in Spain, specifically in Barcelona are festive places full of noise, crowds and smoke. The client is launching a new concept in Tapas bistros – promoting a “quiet experience” where people can sit and have a nice conversation while having simple tasty tapas and selected drinks.

SpellBrand approached the project from a very unique perspective and created a brand identity that is unlike any other tapas restaurant in the world! We created the primary logo design, the secondary brandmark, and identity.

As you can see on this window sign, the bistro identity looks elegant and powerful. You will notice that the primary icon is missing from the logo. This is a good strategy if you want to create a consistent identity but do not want to use your icon due to space restrictions.

The Corporate Logo - The Face of Your Business

When we looked at the tapas restaurant sector, most of the brand marks had a common theme – either a simple typography based logo or had a food element that was cliche. We wanted to create a logo mark that was so unusual and yet elegant and beautiful that it would be seared into the minds of the people of Barcelona.

To achieve this, we looked at the core brand strategy and how we could portray a sea of tranquility and connect it with the latin name for the sea on the moon. The client suggested an astraonaut of some sort and we arrived at the mark seen above showing Buzz Aldrin looking at tapas – almost mesmarised by the food.

The line art design style is quite striking and this is balanced by a bold typographic choice. This creates a balanced design style that communicates the right kind of message. This style can also been seen in another project that we worked on. Check out the Maldives resort branding project to see more.

As you see on this clothing bag the logo design looks a little subdued. This was a deliberate choice. On some touch points you will have to tweak the colors of the logo design to ensure that it is subtle and matches the overall message.

As you can see in the photo above, the logo mark on the sign looks awesome! It creates a sense of sophistication and elegance. When people see this sign, it drawn them in with a promise of elegance and tranquility. To enjoy great tasting food while having a conversation.

We took great care to create an emblematic looking design that can be broken down into seperate elements such as the primary logo, secondary icon and the logotype.

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