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MapMoment Social Media App

Brand Story

MapMoment is a social media app valuable on the App Store as well as the Android stores and allows users to pin their special moments in the countries in the cities and countries around the world all on a world map.

Visiting a loved one in the United States, eating exotic cuisine in China, enjoying Valentine’s day in the United Kingdom, partying with a friend in Australia, shopping in the United Arab Emirates, bungee jumping in South Africa, backpacking in Singapore etc. With MapMoment, you can now pin all these special moments on a map.

Brand Solution

The client wanted an icon that would show love and pinning and so we came up with this simple but effective pin integrated with a heart. Designing social media app icons can be quite challenging due to the sheer noise ratio on app stores with millions of apps on these stores and tons more launching every single day. We decided on a flat design style and use a single effective color choice. High visibility at small sizes is the primary criteria of an app icon.

We have also created some app screen mockups that you can see on the left that reflect the design style and theming that is so critical in any kind of app development. Combining visual elements elegantly and with usability as a high priority is critical to the success of any app and more importantly a social media app.

With Apple really pushing the flat design, designing app screens with the same style and theme really pays off.

What we did

Logo Design / App Icon Design / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy

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