skateboarding and snowboarding logo design

Who: Skateboarding & Snowboarding Logo Design

What: Logo Design

Where: San Diego, CA

Inmest is an aspiration clothing brand focusing on skateboarding, snowboarding and music, culture-based lifestyle clothing “niche ” market and provide premium garments products and accessories for their target groups. They attempt to best represent the target groups, esp in terms of values, concepts, and aspirations. Building and retaining close positive emotional connections with their tragets is what they are all about. Promoting the culture is a big part of their brand concept.

To bring this idea to life as a brand mark, SpellBrand created an very unorthodox looking logo design that stands apart from the usual skateboarding and snowboarding brand logos that you see in the competition.

The logo looks like an emblem and would work well on packaging, clothing and on the boards themselves. The core of the logo shows a rectangle that represents an abstract skateboard or snowboard. The circle around it present the wheel of a skateboard and the dots represent the way skateboarders like to take their boards apart and customise them. The whole logo is dynamic and gives a feeling of movement.

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