Client: Sonja Dee Shoes

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Luxembourg

Design Analysis: World renowned shoe designer Sonja Eckardt went from being an orthopedics nurse in Saratoga to a sought after shoe designer and needed a logo design and brand identity to match that extraordinary journey.

SpellBrand created an elegant and stunning looking logo design using the acronym SD. The two letters are intertwined and flow beautifully forming the brand icon. For the brand name we chose an equally powerful typography. Everything about this logo screams elegant and luxury and matches what Sonja Dee stands for and what the brand means to their customers.

The brand icon can also be used as a secondary icon by enclosing it in a circle or other emblematic shape. By repeating the icon and applying a gradient, we can create a very effective brand pattern.

Walking On Clouds: Ten Heavenly Shoe Logos

Have you ever wondered why some shoe brands seem to come and go while others are almost as timeless as the shoe itself? While style, quality and innovation definition play their part in a brand’s longevity, they are not the only factors. Corporate branding and logos also are important to a shoe brand, important enough to be the factor that makes or breaks a brand. In fact, the shoes with the best bottom line are usually the shoes with the best shoe company logo designs. Here are ten logos you are sure to recognize, along with an explanation of why they hold so much power over the public. Please note that we have not created the following logos and they are listed here only for education purposes.

1. Nike Logo

Nike Shoe Company Logo Design
Who is the most famous shoemaker on the planet? Who has the most recognizable shoe logo on the planet? It’s no coincidence that the answer to both questions is Nike. Although this shoe and athletic apparel company were named after the Greek goddess of victory, its logo is a simple ‘swoosh’, a shape that connotes both movement and forcefulness. Nike obviously wants this image, because their motto “Just Do It” communicates the same sentiment. This is one of the best logo designs of any industry because it is both appropriate and recognizable worldwide.

2. Adidas Logo

Adidas Shoe Company Logo Design
Adidas has another one of the world’s most recognizable and generally best logo design. It features simply a mountain-like triangle made of three bold shapes. The triangle is the strongest shape in geometry, while mountains imply strength and achievement. It’s easy to see why this well-known company has been so successful with their simple, bold logo.

3. Tod’s Logo

Tod’s Shoe Company Logo Design
At first glance, Tod’s is different from the preceding two shoe brands both in their style and their logo. However, it has one of the best logo designs because it is so different from the pack. Tod’s keeps it simple and classy, like their well-known footwear, by surrounding their company name with an ornate oval. Stylized lion heads roar from either side of the shape. The effect is classic and distinctly European, which is perfect for this brand.

4. Osiris Logo

Osiris Shoe Company Logo Design
This brand of skateboarding shoes has is one of the best logo designs because it cleverly incorporates the meaning and history behind an ancient figure into a very modern shoe logo. The hieroglyph for the Egyptian god Osiris was an eye, and the shoe company with the same name has incorporated this into their logo. The logo features a stylized eye, but shaped into a circle, which is an inclusive shape.

5. Puma Logo

Puma Shoe Company Logo Design
The Puma logo also incorporates its name into its logo, although in a more obvious way. The logo features a puma in mid-jump. It accurately captures the cat’s feeling of movement and strength. While many might consider this overly simple, this is a very recognizable brand that has used the same, unchanged logo for decades, and it is one of the best logo designs because it is simple and timeless.

6. Croc’s Logo

Croc’s Shoe Company Logo Design
This shoe may or may not be a fad, but their logo is timeless. Croc’s are thus named because they are tough and water resistant. However, because crocodiles are known for being aggressive and dangerous, this can be an especially difficult animal to incorporate into a logo for a company that is family-friendly. This is one of the best logo designs precisely because it is so family friendly. Only the crocodile’s head is shown, and it is smiling in a friendly manner. It is encased in a circle, which is the symbol of inclusion. Read about the success story of Crocs company.

7. DC Shoes USA Logo

DC Shoes USA Shoe Company Logo Design
DC Shoes is one of the top athletic shoe brands among American youth, and this logo could be one reason. Another reason could be that the company has been vigilant in procuring celebrity spokespeople who are popular in different youth subcultures. DC has one of the best logo designs because it appeals to its audience. The writing is simple and the two letters intertwine. In the C, there is a star, which is meaningful because it refers to the celebrity status of DC’s most famous wearers.

8. Converse Logo

Converse Shoe Company Logo Design
Converse is another company that uses a star in their logo to imply higher status to its wearers. This is one of the best logo designs because this star is enclosed in a circle, making people feel as though they can be part of this fame and renown. This brand of tennis shoes has been worn by famous athletes in a variety of sports and activities, so they definitely have the right to make this claim.

9. Teva Logo

Teva Shoe Company Logo Design
Teva is another shoe company that has managed to incorporate multiple meanings into their logo. The hand and the spiral on the palm are both Hopi symbols, one for friendship and one for water. Because these sandals were originally designed to be water shoes, this is significant. The company name is in the logo, and it is derived from the Hebrew word for nature, another core value of this outdoorsy company. These tie-ins to company culture earn Teva a spot on this list of best logo designs.

10. Ecco Logo

Ecco Shoe Company Logo Design
Last but never least, Ecco is a company that has enjoyed steady but remarkable sales, especially considering their relative lack of commercial tactics such as television ads and athletic sponsorships. The company name, which is strikingly similar to the prefix ‘eco-’, is turned into round, friendly, and inclusive letters for this logo. The first and last letters are opened, adding to the inclusiveness of this logo. Best of all, it is simple and memorable, making it another one of our best logo designs in shoes.

What makes a shoe logo great? For some, it is an image that makes people associate the company with achievement and athleticism. For other companies, it is an unmistakable reference to company values and history. In the end, what really matters is that customers identify with and remember your logo. That is what will keep the sales coming in and keep your company strong for years to come.

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