Sanadi United Arab Emirates Logo Design

Founded in 1985, SANADI is one of UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) leading design and construction firm that has established practices in swimming pools, fountains, sculptures & monuments, waterfalls, lake filtration and aeration, maintenance and service along with leisure facilities management and its operation.

This design and construction firm was founded with the intent to offer Clients and his/her consultants a variety of professional practices in various disciplines such as project concept review with respect to display characteristics, technical feasibility, mock-ups to evaluate the proposed effects, design and engineering, civil and electromechanical design along with its construction, testing and commissioning, operation, service & maintenance for the full range of engineering systems that are adhering to regional and approved international standards.

The client wanted the logo to incorporate the detail of Water with turbulence or otherwise, fountain visible in moderation or concealed yet identifiable. The client wanted us to stay away from pools, waterfalls or large fountains.

With the challenge in hand the creative logo team at SpellBrand decided to strip the client’s service down to the core essence and in the process we ended up with a water drop. With in the water drop we decided to show turbulence and waves giving the icon a dynamic and quite a transformational look.

When we researched the local UAE and Dubai logo designs of not only competitors but also related industries, we saw a “sea of sameness” in terms of color usage which was usually either royal red or Earthy brown colors. So we decided to go with a bright palette for this client to ensure they stand out from the competition and also enable them use the colors effectively in their marketing campaigns.

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