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Reval Group

Brand Story

The Reval Group consists of a number of sub brands dealing with media production, electrical engineering, software development. Alex of Reval approached SpellBrand to help create a parent brand identity that would help take his company forward after being in business for a number of years.

The client wanted a logo and identity that was neutral and corporate but with a modern look and feel to it. After some research and looking at the sub brands and the target market that Reval communicates with, we decided to apply the flat design principles to the logo and create a design that was based on an origami style.

Brand Solution

The result is a logo that is simple yet highly effective and memorable. The design has a folded paper like ridge that divides the two words and a flat principle of shadow and color difference gives it a 3D look.

We also created matching stationery design for the client including business cards, letterhead, a CD cover and an iPad splash page.

What we did

Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy

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