Retriever Consulting

Brand Story

Retriever Consulting exists to provide clients an unparalleled level of business value from their use of information technology. They radically transform their client’s operations and help them achieve mind-blowing results. They bring a unique “get the job done” approach to consulting that places customer success as the only measurement criteria.Retriever Consulting brings years of cloud computing strategy and design experience to bear for our customers. This is the phase where senior leaders define the vision for cloud adoption. It is imperative that all levels of the enterprise, particularly the executive levels, buy into the vision.

The client wanted a brand that would enable this to happen and for them to be able to influence the decision makers to take the right action.

Brand Solution

Brand Solution: Brand Solution: When Retriever Consulting approached SpellBrand to create a brand and website for them, we wanted to set the company apart from the competition by going for a fun and friendly logo design. We then extended this to the website to them a clean look and feel that feels corporate and the at the same time inviting and open.

What we did

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Website Design

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