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Client Details

Client: REPS Real Estate

Location: Tampa, Florida

Challenge: REPS was established with the mission of creating extraordinary partnership solutions for the real estate professionals. They are a direct partnership provider specializing in rehab loans. If you are a rehabber – buying, refurbishing, and then selling fixer or bank owned properties, they have programs specifically designed for you.REPS was founded as a response to the many requests from their lending clients to do a straight up partnership deal where they would not have to worry about big down payments or making monthly interest payments. And that is exactly what they offer. As their partner, all you would need to do is find the ideal deal, fix it, and sell it, leaving the financial worries up to someone else, them. They enjoy the unique quality of each transaction and ultimately it is a win-win for everybody.

When REPS needed to create a series of real estate postcards that would form part of a direct mail campaign, they came to SpellBrand, having worked with SpellBrand on several other real estate logo identity projects in the past. The brief required a series of post cards with simple and bold design elements and clear messaging.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Post Card Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Brand Solution: Because of the nature of the campaign and the target audience, we had to focus on simplicity, boldness and eye catching design elements. We used bold colors, large fonts and attractive professional photos to achieve the goal. The plan included mailing the cards to prospects who would have signed up to receive such messaging and were at the right stage of their buying process to create the most impact.Creating post card designs is quite a complex process. The designs that we come up with are focused on delivering the right message to the target market and creating the right impact. This is then followed by focus on the aesthetics of the design.

Businesses who understand this priority allocation are successful in their print campaigns. Most often you find the design and aesthetics take priority ending up with print campaigns that do not perform as expected. Furthermore, most often the personal preferences of the stake holders and owners dominate the design process ensuring that the end result is a print campaign that does not really consider the prospect as the target.

For RESPSCORP, we also created a flyer that followed the post cards direct mail campaign.

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