Punch London Boutique Logo Design

punch-luxury-clothing-logo (1)

Brand Solution: PUNCH is a retail store located North London, specialized in selling clothing for men and women, and was trying to appeal to to a broader demographic of customers (think the GAP store) when it approached SpellBrand to create a brand new clothing logo design for their brand. PUNCH includes a basic line, and further along the way, they would start to introduce more up-scale collections (think Banana Republic), as well as a baby, kids, and teen’s collection. The logo we would create would be in all their products (think polo by ralph lauren).Competing against heavy hitters like Gap, Banana Republic, Polo, Old Navy, A&F, American Eagle, etc., PUNCH had it’s work cut out. They needed to make an impact with their branding starting with a fortune 500 logo design. They needed the logo design for clothing to reflect the fact that PUNCH was ready to take on the big guns and provide high quality clothing. It had to have a timeless classic appeal to it while being modern at the same time. A tough ask, especially for such a modest budget. Our prices are quite competitive but because of our in depth knowledge of branding and marketing, some times we do help our clients understand how their can structure their brand strategy based on the recommendations set forth from our initial design concepts.

The name PUNCH was inspired by the puppet Mr. Punch (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punch_and_Judy) and the client wanted to see if the logo would include some of that history and bright colors mixed with something more classical (such as the shield logo from the plaza hotel in NY). The client was not sure as to how to combine these two elements, but it is the basic idea they came to the table with and the story behind the branding and corporate image of Punch.

We created a series of designs for the client based on the Punch character but it transpired that the direction of Punch and Judy did not lend well to a company hoping to brand as a fortune 500 company. So, the client wanted additional concepts and wanted us to take an entirely different direction. They wanted us to focus more on the upscale brands and online boutique logos of central London. After a little but of research, we came up with a few design concepts that included a double horned rhino and a superbly elegant font treatment.

The client immediately liked this direction and after a few minor tweaks finalized the logo.

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