Protego Security Branding

Protego Security Services Ltd., is UK’s leading provider of Security Services including Man Guarding, Security Officers, Patrol Security, Surveillance, Guard Dogs, Bodyguards, Online Security, Identity Theft Protection and more servicing domestic and commercial clients in and around London, UK.

Protego wanted a brand that would set it apart and enable it is communicate strength, trust, safety and power. Security business in London is most highly competitive that you would find anywhere. To enable Protego to become a major player meant that it needed a strong brand that would create the right of impression and trust.


Protego Security, London

What we did

Brand Identity, Package Design, Shopping Bag Design, T-Shirt Design

Although Protego was named after the name of a spell in the Harry Potter movie, and was used to protect some one or some thing, we decided not to go go in that direction. We felt that although the client was a big fan of the series of books and then the movie, it would not translate well into any kind of visual identity.

We also felt that the brand would not look serious enough.

After our in-depth research and brainstorming, We chose the lion as the base for our visuals and came up with an abstract iconic representation of the lion’s face which blew the client away.

We also created an awesome website for the client.

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