Parnassus Private Education Logo Design

Client: Parnassus Private Education Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

Parnassus provides expert consultancy for parents in the independent school system in the UK. They provide domestic and academic advice, ranging from: – helping parents to choose private schools and maximise their child’s chance of gaining a place – advising parents on how to organise their homes and their holidays to contribute to their child’s success – Offering tutoring and consultancy support for both parents and children. Their customer base is high-net-worth individuals, many of them Russian, and so it’s essential that the brand has a premium feel. Inspiration was high end, austere looking brands.

The talented creative team at SpellBrand matched the client’s expectations by creating an emblem like logo design that matches the elite target audience and gives the organization a look of heritage and trust. The beautiful and elegant icon shows a royal crown perched upon an open book surrounded by a wreath. The iconic logo is in the form of line art to give it simplicity and elegance.

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