Pizza Restaurant Logo Branding

Logo Design, Branding, Brand Identity, Package Design, Brand Strategy

Client Details

Client: Guiltless Pizza Co.

Location: New York, NY

Following from the Interior Design Company Logo Design case study I did last week, today I present you with some stunning logo design and branding work we did for New York based Pizza company – Guiltless Pizza! This company does not create your average pizza. They are specialist pizza makers and the only carbs in their pizzas come from all-natural, homemade tomato sauce and vegetable toppings.Guiltless Pizza Company is a healthy pizza delivery company. They make crustless, low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free pizzas from an organic egg base. The wife and husband owners live under the low-carb lifestyle and have created a pizza using completely unrefined ingredients!

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Since the client isn’t the “traditional” Italian crust-based pizza, they wanted their attention to their customer’s health to come across in their logo design. They are operating under healthful, natural foods standards and ingredients, and wanted to see that portrayed, while saying hot, delicious pizza!

“Guiltless’ explains a lot about their product. They had envisioned a halo sitting on steam rising off a hot pizza. As to symbolize this is a good choice, not a naughty one. The client felt that a pizza (that obviously doesn’t have a well-defined crust) would be important to use, because since “Guiltless Pizza” is a new concept, they wanted customers to see that the look, taste and feel are extremely similar to traditional pizza.

So after much research and looking at the traditional and non-traditional pizza companies, we wanted to create a rustic/organic/somewhat earthy feeling logo while still being able to clearly understand it’s for pizza. Since the client also plan to use recyclable pizza boxes, natural packaging materials and such, the logo we wanted to create would be light and airy.

We came up with the idea of a halo and wings around an illustration of a pizza. This we felt communicated the client’s philosophy and what they were trying to achieve with their new type of pizzas. We created a bunch of logos around these ideas – exploring each direction with clear and careful brand context to enable the client to understand how the logo would look in real life.

Visual Brand Language: The client wanted their business cards to look very simple and very family and kid friendly. We created the business cards with an orange border and a simple layout. The back of the card had an orange background and the logo in the middle. We also created packaging – pizza boxes and paper carry bags. The branding on the pizza boxes was also quite simple and minimalistic. On the top of the box is the logo, right in the middle and very large flanked by simple array of lines on all four sides.Finally we worked on the client’s website and created a simple and elegant interface with some mouth watering photos of the delicious pizzas that the client makes. The story of the client takes center stage and the message is communicated with elegant copy and layout.
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