Paris Cafe Bakery Branding

Logo Design, Branding, Cafe Design, Menu Design, Brand Strategy, Package Design, Brand Usage Guidelines

Client Details

Client: A Treat To Remember

Location: Pont-Au-Mousson, near Nancy, France

Brand Story:
A Treat To Remember is a cafe and bakery chain started by a traditional family of bakers from Pont-Au-Mousson, near Nancy, France where they had a traditional bakery since the early 1800s. The client wanted to create a modern brand to help them launch their plans for global expansion with their flag ship opening in Paris. In the early 1800s the Arnaud family used to bake pastries, bread, croissants and chocolate cakes. Their secret recipe for their dark chocolate cake was much sought after. There were even stories of how competing bakers would try to bribe the younger generation of the Arnauds to part with the secret.The client wanted us to help them create a modern brand that still looked traditional and had a vintage flair to it.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Cafe Design, Menu Design, Brand Strategy, Package Design, Brand Usage Guidelines

Brand Strategy: The client approached SpellBrand for a French brand with an American flair to it since their longterm plan included bringing the brand to the US. I was quite delighted since I loved French cuisine and their pastries and desserts. I visit France almost every year and enjoy driving around the country side, eating at small traditional restaurants. French food, especially their baked goods – pastries, cakes, breads etc., are the finest in Europe and are quite creative in terms of their flavors and textures.

After working through the Brand Value Clarity playbook with the client and several phone sessions, we create a positioning statement for the client which would not only guide the brand identity process but also help the company in defining their positioning and marketing campaigns.The positioning strategy tied in well with the primary target market of young professionals looking for delicious breakfast and lunch items that had the classical French elegance to them. The cafe chain plan would then use this positioning strategy to scale up as required.

Brand Solution: We wanted to bring together the two important aspects – over 200 years of tradition and superb elegant flavors into the design. We wanted to keep it simple and did not want to use any kind of cliches – especially baking related images or even French imagery. We wanted to create a design that would be timeless and which can be promoted internationally. The Arnauds plan to open their first bakery in the US in 2013 and the design would have to work with the American market too.We created an elegant design that includes an emblem like icon that looks like a seal with ribbons on either side. For the text, an elegant cursive font was used. The design would lend superbly well on packaging and signage. It communicates the message of taste, flavor, tradition, love, gifts and more. The target market for this brand is the young town people as well as families with young children.

We used different colors palettes for different items giving the brand a quirky and traditional look and feel. For example for the stationery and corporate identity, we chose the denser biscuit color where as for some of the signs we used a light teal.

We also created packaging design for their cupcake plastic containers, their shop sign and some other marketing materials.

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