Ovestis Capital Management Branding

Logo Design, Branding, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, Brand Name, Brand Strategy

Client Details

Client: Ovestis Capital Management

Location: London, UK

Challenge: Ovestis is a specialist multi-asset boutique investment business, originally founded in 2004 and based in Canary Wharf, London, UK. At Ovestis, they understand the new economic reality, they embrace change and the opportunities it presents.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, Brand Strategy

Brand Solution: Their specialisation in the alternative investment space allows them to align their global capabilities and vision with their clients’ interests. Selected for their specialist knowledge and experience across five continents, the Ovestis team is well positioned to navigate clients through an increasingly complex investment universe.

When Ovestis approached SpellBrand to build their brand identity, we were quite thrilled. After almost 10 years of serving in the financial sector, they had decided to rebrand themselves to reflect their progress and evolving philosophy. We were assigned to create their brand new logo, corporate identity and various pieces of print design including brochure designs.

Creating a conservative and reserved kind of brand identity to match the financial market segment can be quite challenging. The client wanted a minimalistic approach and so we decided to create a typographic design with subtle design elements incorporated into the text.

The result is a very simple yet striking and well balanced logo design that communicates the financial aspect of their business with the cascading bar lines in place of the letter E.

The matching stationery design is also positioned to reflect the broad nature of financial services that the client offers and their global reach. Utilizing an old seafaring theme, we designed brochures for both their London and South African offices.

With images of ancient ships, maps and compasses, we tied together their core message of showing their clients the way or the path and helping them navigate the treacherous waters of international finance.

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