In today’s logo design case study, we look at Compsys IT Solutions which is a managed services provider with a full set of enterprise scale/quality services normally found in separate vendors which are all needed and crucial to businesses. Their goal is to become the outsourced IT department for small-mid size businesses primarily but not limited to their local proximity as we can provide over 90% of our service over the internet across the globe.

During our discovery process, we understood that the client mainly focuses on pro-active work rather than the traditional re-active work of the outsourced industry by providing the best tools in the industry such as Antivirus, Backup and Disaster Recovery software, Remote monitoring of Servers, Workstations, Printers, Routers, Firewalls, Internet Connections, etc. Compsys typically begins a relationship with a customer by becoming their trusted IT Support partner, and later take care of other services such as Voice over IP Telephone Service, Email, Website, Server, Data Storage Hosting services, etc.

After having had a bad experience at another design firm, the client came to SpellBrand with the expectation that we would understand what they were looking for and simply deliver an information technology logo that they have envisioned. Normally I would try and avoid such projects. A client who has already tried several different design firms and was not happy with any of them could mean that they bring along a lot of ill feeling and emotional baggage which would not be fair to our company or our designers.

However in this case, after a phone conversation with the client, I felt that this client understand what design and branding was about and just needed a firm that understood their vision.

The client was looking for a hi-tech symbol to reflect a business or businesses that rely on their services – a business in today’s world needs computers, it support for them, backup data services in case of disaster, people are very mobile based, telephone service, a website, etc. People trust in technology for their everyday lives and business such as their mobile phone for email communication and keeping in touch with their clients. They need to feel that technology partner is trust worthy, knows what they’re doing, and are technologically up to date with the latest trends and tools used by bigger companies. Small companies also want the same tools the larger companies have but are out of their reach. They basically want a technology partner they can go to for both the services they need and advice. This was the vision that had to be embodied into the logo.

So we created a series of designs that explored the 3 facets of the client’s business philosophy: Trust, Reliability and Dedication. One of the designs immediately piqued the client’s interest and they decided to go in that direction. We created a power button style abstract icon with a 3 pronged pillar in the center representing the 3 facets of the philosophy. The client was extremely pleased with the final design.

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