Opulent Day Spa Logo Design

Client: Opulent Day Spa Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

Opulent Day Spa specialises in luxury services/products targeted at the upper class. Their target audience is the upper class aged between 35-55 living in the UK’s most expensive postcodes. Their customers expect a high standard from the brand to the services provided.

The client wanted the brand and company developed almost to the “Chanel” for Spas standard. Once the brand is developed they wanted to move into other industries such as Pharmaceutical/Medical and so they did not want the industry shown in the logo. To achieve this, we created a monogram logo design based on the initials OP. The iconic design also hints the side profile of a woman in an abstract way.

Spa’s and beauty brands need to differentiate themselves from the competition through the level of luxury they provide their customers. This starts with creating a luxury logo design and supported by a top class service. Monogrammed logos are quite useful in such an endeavour.

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