Nolan Creek Winery Branding

Nolan Creek Winery Branding

Nolan Creek is a small winery and wine lounge, located in Nolan Creek, Belton County in Texas (near Fort Hood). Although Belton is a small town, being to near Fort Hood (the biggest Military Base in the world) means that this winery had the advantage of getting noticed. It was the dream of husband-and-wife owners Phil Monge and Vira L. Chudasma, to open their own urban winery and wine lounge.Vira wanted to incorporate wine, and creek into the beverage logo design, since she was trying to capture market segment as a female wine maker. She also wanted to see something that incorporate some thing to do with India, since that is where Vira was from.


Nolan Creek Winery

What we did

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Package Design

Brand Solution: After researching the local Belton and Fort Hood area, the terrain, the architecture and the country side, the Spellbrand team came up with several ideas showcasing the creek and country elements in a rustic and at the same time urban look and feel. The final logo design features a scroll like logo that incorporates a wine bottle encasing the Nolan Creek, some trees, a scroll and some ornaments to create a stunning, rustic and historic looking wine logo design.You can see the effect of this logo design on the wine bottle labels and branding. This was such a fun project, being a wine lover myself.

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