Client: NK Plastics Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Georgia, Atlanta

NK Plastics is a manufacturer of chemical plastic raw materials used as input for plastic products factories around the world. Their compounds and polymers product lines include EVAFLEX (Ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) compound), POLYFLEX (PVC compound)& AIRPOL (PVC Airblowing compound).

To cut through the cold world of plastics and to raise above the competition, the client wanted a logo design that was bright, fun and had a lot of motion. The result is a logo design that looks like it is swirling around with energy. The icon is made up of dots to represent polymers of different kinds.

The icon also hints at the lattice of compounds and chemicals while showing energy and forward motion.

If you are in the manufacturing or scientific materials industry segment and want to differentiate yourself from the competition then the best way to do that is through connecting your brand to your target market’s emotions. This can be done very effectively through your logo design, the colors of emotions and the font choice.

For more information on how to connect your brand to people’s emotion, listen to this podcast by our Chief Brand Strategist, Mash Bonigala.

Appeal to the emotional side of the market to shift focus away from the abstract nature of your business to a more tangible and human aspect of your brand.

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