Night Owl Entertainment is a luxury service provider located in Hong Kong. They plan to manage parties, events and entertainment for major corporations throughout the Asia Pacific. Having worked with scores of entertainment company logos and branding, we felt quite excited to work on this project and create a stunning logo design.

Since the company was a start up, the client wanted to focus on creating a brand that would penetrate the market by the strength of it”s logo and other marketing collateral. This was a challenging task since a brand is not just a logo but rather a combination of various elements including the experiences of the target audience.We decided to approach this company logo from a very whimsical and fun angle. The client had a great name – Nigh Owl Entertainment – and we thought a unique take on the Owl character would give us a design that would work well to create instant recognition for the brand. Bucking the trend and utilizing a design style that is not the norm in a particular market segment can some times work quite well. Of course, great care must be taken to ensure that such an approach does not have an opportunity cost for the client.

The SpellBrand team spent hours going through photos and reference images of owls including cartoons from Disney and Pixar to try and saturate our minds with the typical imagery associated with Owls. We then start doodling and sketching owls that would not fit any of the reference styles that we have been exposed to. This technique really works well when you want to create a design that is different from the status quo.We produced a half dozen owl based design concepts which blew the client away! They picked the final design almost immediately and after a few tweaks we had our final design. This design uses a stencil cut style and evokes a sense of fun and excitement. The design also hints at night life due to the neon sign kind of line style. We took a modern commercial font and customized it to have the same kind of line breaks and tubular style.Here are some renderings of this entertainment brand.

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