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New England Note Buyers

Brand Story

New England Note Buyers are an organization that work within the real estate/financial investment industry. While the client wanted an element of conservativeness, they felt that their mortgage solutions are a bit alternative or cutting edge – pushing the limits of traditional thinking. The client wanted to relay a level of comfort to folks wanting to work with them – thus, a balance of these components with the familiar feel of historical New England was the direction they wanted us to explore to bring the right message across.

Brand Solution

Brand Solution: In our brainstorming sessions, we very much identified the client with a lighthouse logo design (a beacon of light in troubled waters!) or other nautical themes. We worked on the interpretation of the classic New England character, charm and feel (Boats, a ship’s helm, an American Revolution – Paul Revere feel, Boston Tea Party, Cobblestone roads, Fall foliage).Keeping with the nautical theme of a lighthouse, we chose navy blue and red as the corporate colors. We wanted to challenge the limits of being conservative which is typical of this industry. We see the client as providing alternative solutions to their clients! The result is a logo and brand identity that looks professional, very “New England” and conveys the core values of the client in a visually interesting way.

The matching corporate identity also lends well to the overall theme. We are now working on the client’s website design.

What we did

Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy

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