Networking Club Logo Design

Client: Networking Club Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

The Magnum Club is a member-only networking club in London, UK. All members are C level. Members fields range from entrepreneurs, investors, telecom bosses and accountants. This club facilitates meeting places for members to discuss, monitor and to make possible investments or even as a general platform to discuss current trends and opportunities.

Client mission statement: 1) To collaborate with thought-leaders and build strong communities for tomorrow’s world. 2) Through a collective of industry leaders, positively inspire and influence change, growth, and success for tomorrow’s world.

To bring the mission to life and to create an exclusive looking logo design we created an emblem logo design with a custom M in the center surrounded by a simple design of concentric circles and the wording “London 2014”. The result is a luxurious looking emblematic logo design.

The right kind of brand identity for a business networking club or organization is quite tricky to pull off. To escape cliches and done to death visual elements is the key to creating and owning a business networking brand identity that creates the right impact and connects to the target audience.

To achieve this feat, approach the business networking club as you would a luxury fashion brand. An exclusive club should have a similar strategy to a luxury brand since the fundamental principles of exclusivity are the same.

Going for an emblem like design would be a safe bet – in most cases. The emblem gives a regal attitude to the brand while also being flexible enough to be used on different media. Extra embellishments such as swirls or fleur-leaves may not always work and caution should be exercised.

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