Memory Clinic Logo Design

memory clinic logo design

Client: Montclair Memory Clinic Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Montclair Memory Clinic is a clinic run by a psychologist specializing in neuropsychology consulting with patients with neurological conditions. Consultation, Assessment, Treatment, and Support for Persons with Memory Loss and their Care Partners is the core proposition of the brand.

To create an effective logo design for this client, we came up with a variety of different design concepts based on the abstract representation of the brain and wavelengths. The end result is an icon of the brain made up of lines that look modern and digital. The brain is made of two half with the left half in green to show peace and tranquility and the right side of the brand in blue color to hint at agility, sharpness, and intelligence.

If you are trying to differentiate your clinic, your best positioning strategy would be to create contrast with the competitive landscape. If the general identity trend in your market segment is to be conservative, then go for a bold brand identity. If it is bold, then opt for an elegant and simplistic treatment.

Of course, creating contrast without the support of an aligning brand story or meaningful messaging would lead to a disconnect with your target audience. So great care must be exercised when bucking the trend.

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