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Britannia Medical Consultancy

Brand Story

Britannia Medical Consultancy is a medical legal company which provides medical assessment reports for personal injuries to the courts through legal counsel. The client wanted a logo and identity that would set them apart from their competitors, most of whom had very stuffy, demure and boring looking branding.

Brand Solution

Since the client was operating in the medical as well as the legal fields, we decided to keep the design upbeat and cheerful to ensure that the perception would be one of being friendly and helpful. We played around with icons that represented both these fields and came up with the plus sign on the pedestal of a greek column signifying the legal institution.Trust is the main driving force both in the medical as well as the legal realms. Creating a positive vibe that starts with the brand identity and then extends to the corporate touch points – broadcasting the right kind of message consistently – is the key. This in turn start a relation of trust with the clients. Creating branding that evokes trust is not a science and depends greatly on the company, services or products and the sentiments and world views of the target market.

The injury claim market segment is plagued by companies that have tarnished the reputation of that sector. To approach this target market, our strategy was to go with a bold brand that looks and feels modern while being slightly conservative at the same time.

Since the brand was quite long, we decided to go for an acronym with the full name as the tag line. By using a simple color scheme and a bold magenta core color, we have enabled the brand to break the industry mould.

We were also tasked with creating some matching stationery design as well as prescription note pads for the company.

What we did

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