Luxury Travel Agency Logo Design

Mrs. Traveller is a luxury travel agency located in Germany provides a bespoke travel advisory service with itinerary plans that are custom designed for every client for whom we created a luxury travel agency logo design. They are affiliated with a Smartflyer Australia and Virtuoso – both leading companies in the luxury travel sectors.

Started by a passionate world travellers, Mrs. Traveller caters to both leisure and corporate clients. The founder started travelling while quite young and caught the travel bug. Having travelled the world for the last 30 years, she decided to bring her experience and expertise to the service of travellers looking for help, guidance and hassle free travel plans.

We created a luxury travel agency logo design that communicated the luxury aspect of the brand. The logo depicts an elegant icon of the world with a plan flying across it. Surrounding the globe icon is a wreath and on the top is a crown both of which give the logo a sense of affluence and luxury. The color palette is very unique and not see much in the travel landscape. We always try and come up with color palettes for our clients which would help them own the color.

Branding a luxury travel agency or any travel company for that matter should be about the long term. Re-branding after establishing the company and being in business for some time could be a costly affair and sometimes may erode the trust of the market in the brand.

Being consistent and bringing value to the market segment should be the priority of any travel agency and this should be communicated in the luxury travel agency logo design and brand identity. Trying to save money on this critical aspect of your brand will come back to haunt you. Invest in getting a professional logo agency to create a custom logo design that can stand the test of time and is unique.

With so many online travel portals these days, if you are running a travel agency, you may find that people often prefer to deal with an automated booking system rather than deal with agents on the phone. To combat this, your identity should create the right impact and communicate the fact that the user will get better value by dealing with your agency than simply booking their trips online with no way of knowing all the details that real matter to make the trip enjoyable.

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