Luxury lifestyle concierge logo design


LUXCESS, Luxury Concierge Service

Brand Story

LUXCESS is a branded Luxury Lifestyle Concierge services company. They work with affluent families and individuals to help make their lifestyle luxurious, pleasurable, relaxing exciting, rewarding, invigorating, and help them to enjoy and experience life. The client built this service around luxury villa rentals business as a special add on that can include assistance with all the potential services on their website.

Brand Solution

To give the client an elegant and elite brand, we decided to go for a crest based emblematic logo. The luxury market is all about perceptions. In this case, the client offers a luxury service that enables their clients to experience the finer pleasures in life. To broadcast this message, the logo and branding need to be premium and elite. Every facet of the brand including the font choice, stationery design, website design and brochures all need to give off an air of luxury.

This logo has a shield as the central point with the L in the centre. On top of the shield is an elegant regal crown and flanking the shield on both sides and behind are a pair of royal skeleton keys – to represent the “key” to luxury. Below the shield is a scroll in which down the line the client will be inserting the sub brand names such as “Villas”, “Travel” and so on.

The font we selected is also quite premium and fit the logo quite well. Overall this logo really represents the client’s brand vision.

What we did

Logo Design / Graphic design / Brochure design / Company Profile design

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