Cano Cano Luxury Homes

Brand Story

Luxury Homes are quite expensive and the people who buy them are quite discerning. So when Cano Cano was thinking of a rebrand, they came to Spellbrand with a simple premise. They wanted a simple, modern and luxurious logo design to lead their branding efforts.

Brand Solution

Brand Solution: Looking through the kind of homes that the client dealt with and the target market profile, we came up with a very simply icon made up of the two letters C & C inter-locked in a 3D style.The hidden aspect of the design is that the icon resembles the layout of two rooms as seen from above – almost like a blueprint. This resulted in an emblem like logo design that captured the client’s vision in a stunning new design. We also created matching corporate identity, merchandizing, an iPhone app screen and more.

What we did

Logo Design, Brand Identity, iPhone App Design

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