London Kings Clothing Label & Branding

London Kings is a premium men’s clothing aimed at the discerning gentleman looking for tasteful and luxury clothing and accessories. For bringing that vision to life, they needed a brand that would make a mark in the highly competitive world of London fashion. To make this happen, they came to SpellBrand. With our extensive experience and passion in creating and launching clothing and fashion brands, we were quite excited and thrilled.

We conducted some in-depth analysis of the market landscape and realized that most brands in the competing bracket were using quite bland typography with hardly any iconic treatments. To help the client leverage their limited marketing budget and create the right impact, we decided to create an icon that would not only relate to the brand story but also help the brand create instant recall.

With that in mind, we explored several different iconic treatments based on the aviation and regal touch points. The result was a stunning new design combining abstract wings, a star, a crown, all enclosed in an emblem like circle. The font choice was also quite carefully undertaken to match the icon and overall layout.

For luxury brands, especially in the clothing and fashion sector, it is quite critical to have clarity not only in terms of the brand story and vision but also in the visual language. The brand should not be apologetic nor fearful. It has be to be bold and clear. It has to be compelling and direct.

Logo Design / Label design / Brand Strategy

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