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Brand Story

Las Bossas is a resort made up of 3 beach cabins in a small, fishing village along the Atlantic Coast of Uruguay (South America) called Punta del Diablo. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty that receives thousands of tourists from Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil, Europe, Canada and USA from November to May every year. We created a stunning new tourism logo for this rustic resort with a history!

Las Bossas’s cabins are rustic but modern and comfortable with all your necessary creature comforts. They are made from natural materials (wooden walls and thatched straw roof), and fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, BBQ, deck, hammocks, WIFI and fantastic ocean views. The wife and husband owners personally attend their clients and try to offer them a friendly and personal service throughout their stay. Their clients are normally couples ranging from 25-50 years of age.

Las Bossas has great reviews on AirBnB and TripAdvisor and so when they approached SpellBrand to create a logo that truly reflects their tradition and custom, we jumped at the opportunity. Creating a logo for a beach cabin resort can be quite challenging because of the fact that the target market would be international but the value of such resorts come from their tradition and geographic history.

Brand Solution

The obvious symbols to use would be the form of cabins, sun, beach, ocean, etc. but the design team decided not to go with the cliché images. Instead we decided to focus on visual elements that are derived from the locality. We discovered two avenues – Colorful fish – since it is a fishing village where the fisherman go out on little wooden boats and horses drag the boats up the beach and the name of the the cabins (Las Bossas) which is derived from the Brazilian music “Bossanova”.

Combining these two elements we created several design which featured fish and the fun disco nature of “Bossanova”. The client picked the design you see on this page as the final design and were quite thrilled with it. The irregular shapes of the star, the overlapping transparencies and the rustic old world style of font together make for an awesome logo that tells a great story of this great resort.

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