L’Aquila Gourmet Coffee Branding

L’Aquila Gourmet Coffee Branding

L’Aquila, a gourmet coffee company wanted a brand that they can use not only on their gourmet coffee products but also on their upcoming chain of cafes and approached SpellBrand. The challenge was that the client wanted to penetrate the highly competitive cafe scene of Palm Beach, Florida.

This meant that the target market would be upscale and we felt there was some disconnect between the type of products and services that client was planning on launching and the tastes and habits of the target market. So, we conducted indepth research into the market and came up with some suggestions and ideas to effectively market to that segment.


L’Aquila Gourmet Coffee

What we did

Brand Identity, Package Design, Shopping Bag Design, T-Shirt Design

Since Aquila means eagle in Latin, we decided to take the eagle as our base and created an abstract icon of the eagle enclosed in an emblem and plaque with the name on it. L’Aquila is also a city and comune in central Italy, both the capital city of the Abruzzo region and of the Province of L’Aquila. We felt this gave us a lot of history to work with and to incorporate heritage into the design and branding.

The design inspires luxury and fine things as do the product and package branding. We wanted the logo to be flexible enough to be branded on all their packaging and still look good on print. We also created some t-shirt designs for the client that would be either given away or sold through the local retail outlets.

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