Lambeewear Hats

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Clothing Label Design, Hat Design, Brand Strategy

Client Details

Client: Lambeewear Hats

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Brand Story:
You haven’t worn a hat until you have worn a Lambeenie Hat. Offering a fresh perspective on fashion, a Lambeenie Hat protects you from the harsh outer elements while also preserving your inner spirit. A Lambeenie Hat gives you the confidence to move forward with individuality and style. While winding down life’s paths, Lambeenie Hats will accompany you to each creative venture you go through everyday.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Brand Solution

Lambeewear wanted us to help them tell their awesome brand story and facilitate their label launch. We were tasked with not only creating a logo corporate logo design for the parent brand but also create exclusive icons that would be branded on their hats and develop a robust ecommerce solution.”Everybody Take Cover!” is their motto and we felt that it was perfect for the kind of brand Lambeewear wanted to be. To help position Lambeewear as a hat maker for the exclusive gentleman, we created a modern looking text based logo design with a subtle hint of an abstract hat/arrow.

Originally we started off with an illustrative design for the logo which involved abstract versions of a hat but when visualized, we felt that they did not convey the kind of brand Lambeewear was. So, we decided to strip back all design from the logo and just focus on the typography.Once the logo design was nailed down, the client asked to us to create a series of 6 icons that can be embossed on the bows of their hats. The initial suggestion from the client was to create some geometric shapes that looked good. But when I started reflecting on the task and initiated the discovery process, I felt that random geometric shapes may look good but would have no anchor for telling a story. I am all about telling stories and any design that comes out of SpellBrand has to been rooted in some semblance of a story.So I decided that creating icons that actually stood for some thing or represented something would be a better approach. I hit upon the idea of “moods” or how one felt at any given time. People can be happy, sad, feeling under, overwhelmed, adventurous and so on. The trick was to create icons that would hint at the feeling or mood with out actually being literal. I wanted these icons to be intriguing and conversation starters. Imagine a person you knew wearing a Lambeenie with an icon of a “Sun Dial”. Wouldn’t that start up a conversation? People around the wearer would venture to ask about the icon and what it meant.

So after much research and brainstorming, we came up with 6 icons – a sun dial (sunny, happy), a cloud 9 (feeling on cloud 9), a wind pane (feeling unsure), a mountain peak (feeling strong), an umbrella with a lightning bolt (feeling panic) and a moon with a wolf howling (feeling mischievous).

After the successful creation of the icons and some graphics of mind-maps of how we came up with the icons (to be used on t-shirts), we moved on creating a robust online store for the client which is set to launch in November 2013. The process involved designing the site and implementing ecommerce features such as online catalogs, shopping cart, secure check out, payment gateway integration, shipping module, taxes, discount coupon system, inventory management, shipping labels and more. By utilizing AJAX and HTML5, we were able to create an awesome shopping experience on the website.

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