Klima Corp Rental Properties Logo Design

Klima Corp Rental Properties Logo Design

Client: Klima Corp Rental Properties Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Vestavia Hills, Alabama

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Klima Corp LLC is a real estate company that deals with high-end rental properties and engaging in activities such as buying and selling properties., managing properties and so on.

The founder of this real estate firm wanted a design that was simple, clever and eye-catching AND incorporates a house of some sort. The real estate market is saturated with images and icons of houses and roofs in their logo designs. Typically we would not recommend using a roof in a realtor or real estate logo since they have been done to death. But in this case, since the client requested, we took up the challenge to come up with an icon that will have a housing element BUT was not your regular roof image.

The result is an icon that is made from the first letter of the company name. The spine of the letter K forms the chimney from behind which you can see an abstract sun peeking through. The body of the letter K forms the roof of the house with an abstract window.

The choice of typography also adds impact to the design with a soft font that is professional at the same time. The end result is a stunning logo design that turns the humble letter K into a house with a chimney and a roof with the sun coming out from behind to signify hope and freedom!

Whenever you’re talking about the real estate market, one of the words that should come to your mind is “change”. This is one of the most volatile and ever-transforming industries in the world, which makes finding success as a real estate company a pretty tough job. Everything from the increasing usage of technology like Virtual Reality in showrooms to the ever-growing chunk of the market taken up by poor Millennials has the real estate market scrambling. Here are some of the big trends that are shaping the market at this moment:

The Housing Shortage: Those people buying houses that the higher end of the market are good to go. However, when you lower the price range, you see that there’s a pretty big shortage in most major markets when it comes to mid-range housing units. Younger people are finding it more difficult to find affordable housing than ever before, especially when you look in cities like New York City and LA.

Innovative Office Spaces: If you’re in the office space business, then you know that brands are looking to deliver amazing work experiences to their employees. They are looking for office spaces that ooze productivity and innovation, rather than just buying up a space and throwing in some cubicles here and there.

Gen Z: If you haven’t heard much about Gen Z yet, then you’re not alone. While everyone’s obsessing about the Millennials, Gen Z is going to start moving away from college dorms and into their first places out of college. However, they (like Millennials), will be loaded down with educational debt and low on cash.

Baby Boomers Are Still Here: Yes, that’s right! The Baby Boomers are not going anywhere, much to the disappointment of those who thought they would retire at the normal age. Thanks to financial troubles, a large part of the Baby Boomer generation will be looking for affordable housing, rather than being placed in nursing homes or fancy retirement resorts. This presents a huge market for those in real estate.

With so much change occurring in the real estate market, so many brands are struggling to promote a unique and distinct identity for themselves to both consumers and businesses. This is the problem that Klima Corp., had when they gave us a call one day. They wanted to develop a professional logo that would show off their primary message and what characteristics they wanted associated with them.

Klima Corp specializes in real estate properties that focuses on a seamless transition and plenty of transparency for sellers. They work with every kind of property owner – from home owners to investors to first-time buyers to more large companies. In addition to the text in the logo, our branding team came up with a design that shows a professional brand.

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