Kids Clothing Label Branding
Kids Clothing Label Branding
Kids Clothing Label Branding
Kids Clothing Label Branding
Kids Clothing Label Branding


Trillionaire Tykes, Kids Clothing Label

Brand Strategy

Creating and launching an urban kids clothing brand can be a daunting task. This industry includes specialized clothing retailers that sell a wide range of infant and children’s wear, such as dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, sleepwear and more. The market is also quite mature and saturated. Penetrating this market can be quite difficult. This is where SpellBrand came to the rescue.

But with the right kind of positioning strategy, it is possible not only to enter this segment but also become a successful player.1) To get started, it is really critical that you identify the core target audience for your clothing label.
2) Really drill down and eliminate all age ranges that do not conform to your product line.
3) Next, work on a positioning strategy that would help you differentiate your brand and put you ahead of the competition.
4) Do not make the mistake of copying or following the leaders in your market. It is ok to look to them to understand the market and ideas but if you emulate the leaders you will lose big time.
5) Your brand strategy and messaging will then have to be aligned with your positioning so that you can start capturing the mind share that will buy your products.

The Kids’ Clothing Stores industry will experience steady growth over the next 5 years. Consumers will continue to focus on brand names and gravitate towards innovative and unique brand messaging. Over the next 5 years, mergers and acquisitions will be the norm, with the big players buying off less-profitable brands to gain market share. Kid’s clothing represents the most rapidly growing sector in the clothing market, accounting for almost 11% spend.

The global kid’s clothing market is expected to exceed $192 billion by 2015, representing 17% market expansion since 2009. North America has a regional stake of over 42% in the global market. The sector is becoming increasingly competitive. Retailers are dedicating more and more space to promotional activities for kid’s wear. But it is great time to be entering the market!

Brand Solution: For this company, we wanted to create a marketing strategy that places the brand on boundaries of being edgy and cute at the same time. The target audience of 8 to 12 (the tween market) is very sophisticated now and we wanted to position the brand to align with what this segment does and things to have fund. Focusing on social media and games, we created a strategy that would not only attract this market segment but also make them “belong” to an exclusive tribe.The logo design, while being simple also has layers of meaning. To start with the two “T”s are placed in a way to form not only a big “T” but also to form the shape of a t-shirt. Secondly the crown on top emphasise the fact that kids are the new royalty and hence have to treated as such. The brand visual language also includes hand drawn icons of things that are important to kids which they can come to associate quite easily including mobile phones, cameras, music etc.

What we did

Logo Design / Graphic design / Label design

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