Japanese Vending Machines Logo Design

Japanese Vending Machines Logo Design

Client: Japanese Vending Machines Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

Work with award winning brand identity designers!

JENDI ジェンディis a London based company selling Japanese Soft Drinks and Snacks in Central London from high tech vending machines. Vending machines can go anywhere. No longer do we have to rely on finding traditional retail spaces to bring you the best drinks and snacks that Tokyo has to offer. Jendi’s machines are high tech, conveniently located and totally cashless.

For this awesome new startup we not only created a stunning logo that embodies all things Japanese but also designed their vending machines. The icon is the character of a vending machine which is simple yet fun and vibrant. The icon can be used to brand the machines as well as products that are being sold.

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