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Client: IT Security Brand Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design & Identity

Client Location: Körperich, Germany

NT Shield has the liability for the security of their clients. They provide virtual encryption services with the purpose of guaranteeing the security, integrity and authenticity of clients’ data transmission, as well as consultations concerning the infrastructure of IT Security.

The client wanted us to design a symbol which bestows the clients a sense of privacy and certitude and infuses them with the sentiment of being safeguarded while communicating or browsing the Internet is to be preferred. The symbol should contemporarily emblematize professionalism in a certain sense and should not be thoroughly filled. Furthermore, an abstract logotype intended for a server could prove to be of interest. On the other hand, resemblance to a lock is absolute taboo. Additionally, a customer should desirably recognize their logotype after having perceived it for a moment. Largely, minimalism is presumably the proper theme.

The important aspects of the logotype has been mentioned in a major extent. The keywords which best describe the desired appearance of the symbol are: privacy, security, stability, professionalism, minimalism. To convey this meaning and bring these keywords to life we created an abstract iconic symbol made up of the initials of the company and infused the abstract design with pattern and depth.

The result is a dynamic, solid, robust and eye catching IT security logo design that serves the client quite well in communicating their brand vision.

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