International Business Consultancy Logo Design

business consultancy logo design

Client: Essdewe Business Consultancy Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Los Angeles, California

Design Analysis: With 30 years experience in running his own international company which he recently sold, the client was sitting on the board of a few companies and focus on helping other companies as a business consultant, both small and medium sized companies.

The company name “Essdewe” is very unique and is actually the letters SDW written out. The client wanted us to work with the letters SDW in an abstract way, so that it not totally clear unless you see it in the context with the taken name “Essdewe”.

The end result is a beautiful logo that has an abstract shield icon with the letters SDW in the center. The font choice for the brand name showcases the premium nature of the brand and the entire treatment is one of luxury and elegance.

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